About us

Made with… Love

We take pride in delivering the finest quality leather bags and accessories. By combining classic designs with traditional methods, we have produced a range of beautiful bags to fit any lifestlye. All of our bags are exquisitely crafted from supple, smooth leather, giving them a gorgeous vintage look and every bag is unique. Most importantly they are naturally tanned, using vegetable dyes, meaning we don't use any nasty chemicals. What makes these bags even better is that the leather will become softer, more flexible and will improve over time.​


Designed in....England

All our bags and accessories are designed at BURGHLEY HQ, in the fields of rural Wiltshire, with the English countryside in mind, although we believe they look just as good being carried and used in the city too..

Made from…Leather

Because all of our bags and satchels are unique they may be slightly different in tone and character. We think this is part of their charm and beauty.
Our bags have been naturally oil primed and because there is no chemicals used in the making of our bags they often retain a distinctive earthly smell which fades over time.

Made entirely…Naturally​

We aim to provide  a more ethical alternative to high street leather, and are reviving traditional methods of leather production by cutting out the use of toxic chemicals. We use a process known as vegetable tanning. Although a slower process than the chemical tanning, the naturally occurring ingredients dramatically reduce toxic pollution into water waste.