About us

We’re an independent British brand, established in 2013, that make a range of high quality bags and accessories.

Why we make bags...

We think that bags should not be disposable items. They should last a long time, they should look great, and people should love using them again and again. Bags like this are great for the environment, especially if they’re made from naturally biodegradable materials like leather and cotton canvas, and they’re great for the people that buy them and use them. It’s our mission to create bags like this, and to make them available at an affordable price.

How we make bags...

Our bags are designed in England and take inspiration from the English countryside and traditional designs, blended with contemporary fashion. They're very much at home in fields and woodlands, but they look just as good being carried and used in the city too.

All of our designs are handmade exclusively for us by our production partners from around the world. We've carefully selected our production partners for their ability to manufacture to our scale, whilst meeting our high quality, ethical,  and environmental standards.

We use natural materials in our bags as much as possible, and almost all of the leather used in our bags is vegetable tanned, ensuring nasty chemicals and pollution from making our bags is kept to an absolute minimum. One of our favourite materials is our vegetable tanned “vintage” brown leather. This has a gorgeous variability in the brown tones and surface textures of the leather that makes each bag unique. It also gets better with more usage and age!

We make our bags in small production runs, ensuring that our bags are more exclusive and unique than those usually found on the high street.

How we sell bags…

We try to run our business as ethically and environmentally responsibly as possible. Currently, over 80% of our packaging is made from recycled materials and is itself recyclable, and we’re working on the other 20%!

Although most of our customers are in the UK, we also ship our bags to customers all over the world. We sell our bags direct from our website and from selected independent retailers across the UK. Wherever they end up, all of our great bags live at our Burghley warehouse facility in north London while waiting for their new owners.