Collection: Clearance

We'd like all of our bags to be perfect every time, but every so often we get some that we don't feel we can sell at full price.

We really want all of our bags to go to good homes so we're offering some big discounts on the bags in this section. To help you decide if one of these bags might be right for you, we're categorising them as follows:

Clearance: These are items that we're not progressing or one-offs that we've created to test out designs.

Grade 1: Very similar to new quality, but with a few cosmetic marks in the leather, of the kind you'd likely pick up after a couple of weeks of use.

Grade 2: Similar to Grade 1, but with more significant usage-like marks, or significant colour variation within the leather (a bit more than most people would expect, even with the vintage finish), or with minor cosmetic imperfections not related to usage, such as stitching not straight.

Grade 3: These have something missing, like the original shoulder strap, or something that's broken.

Check the individual item descriptions for more information and feel free to contact us with any questions.